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PostPosted: October 1st, 2011, 10:52 pm
Come on all you New Forest ppl where are u..
Im having a great time with my New Forest pony... she is awsome... and im looking forward to taking her to the stud show this year... and hopefully heaps of other show's, dressage days....
We did our first dressage comp for the season HRCAV level 4 last weekend.. and came home with our first blue ribbon... we got 1st and 5th and a 2nd in the jackpot... I was a very very please with how she went.. and the placing's were just an added bonus... so hopefully we are heading in the rite direction with her education.... we have entered to the TTT Dr in November.... Go the PONY.... :x
Cheers Nicki

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:ymhug: Well done Nicki and Cat (Bain Park Caroline) 2nd and 6th ( Nicki got lost :ymblushing: ) and 3rd over all, Cat is coming along in her education, and flying the flag for the Newforest pony, compeating at the top teams Dressage event at Werribee last weekend.. (*)

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